Fighting about Everything: When Marriages Go Awry

The COVID-19 pandemic has been rough on everyone, especially married households. Although data on divorce rates differ, with some sources saying the rates have dropped, getting a divorce should remain an option for married couples who cannot seem to survive the pressures and challenges of marriage. For some, leaving a toxic relationship might even mean saving a life.

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Technology and Law: How the Future Looks for Those in Practice

The business of advocacy and lawyering has been around for centuries. Ever since the dawn of man, some justice system has been in place for dictatorships and democracies alike. The older the civilization is, the more chances it has of getting a form of the justice system. Credit goes to the Sumerian civilization on the oldest code

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police car

Guide to Responding Properly to Law Enforcers

An encounter with any police officer can be quite stressful even if you’re positive you didn’t do anything unlawful. Unfortunately, with all the controversy surrounding cops, the stigma that goes with law enforcement officers is inevitable. Of course, that’s not to say that all cops are bad. Nope. Far from it. In fact, there are

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father and daughter reading together

Rights and Responsibilities Explained For Kids

Why are a lot of people so obsessed nowadays with upholding and protecting their rights but not caring enough to respect other peoples’ rights? How is this behavior impacting the next generation? What type of citizens are we raising with this kind of behavior? What does it mean to be a citizen? By definition, a

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woman crying

Intimate Partner Violence During the Pandemic

The pandemic changed the way people do things. Since everybody has limited mobility, technology has to step up for things to get done. Online transactions became the new normal. This includes groceries, food deliveries, and shopping for essentials. Other fields also made good use of technology. Some examples are the education sector, the medical field,

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Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Justice Gone Wrong

Capital punishment has been around for longer than we think, going as far back as the 18th century. In the U.S., however, the death penalty began as early as 1608, brought about by European settlers. At the time, the laws surrounding this punishment varied from colony to colony, from petty crimes such as stealing grapes to

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person driving a car

5 Ways to Protect Your Legal Rights After a Car Accident

In the United States, car accidents happen every 60 seconds. Another thing is, they can happen to anyone. Even to those who aren’t even inside a moving vehicle. They happen so frequently that they’re the ones most tackled inside the walls of civil courts. People who get involved in car accidents, whether they’re the ones at

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a pile of dollar bills

Most Scandalous Financial Scams of the 21st Century

It has been said that there is an interesting overlap between CEOs and psychopaths in traits and characteristics. Some experts estimate that about 4 to 12 percent of CEOs exhibit psychopathic symptoms and traits. At the same time, obscenely wealthy and successful people have a four-times-higher-rate of psychopathy compared to CEOs. No matter the reason, it seems that people

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