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Gray Divorce: Why More Older Couples Are Ending Their Marriage

It is surprising when two people, who have been together for decades and, for the most part, have been living in harmony, get a divorce. Everyone assumes that a long-standing marriage will last forever. After all those years they spent together, they most likely already know their partners to the core. They know their habits

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Understanding the Trends in the Legal Industry

How we define and practice law is perhaps one of the clearest reflections of the societies and times we live in. Before World War 2, nobody even thought about issues like crimes against humanity and the legal repercussions of global warfare. In the 21st century, online security and cybercrime are at the forefront of many

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Workers’ Compensation Law: What You Need to Know

When you apply for a job, you’re only looking to earn money. However, part of the job may require you to face dangerous tasks or situations. That’s why laws and regulations are currently available to protect your rights as a worker. Workers’ Compensation Law details everything you need to know about these rights. Here, you

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4 Essential Skills for Lawyers to Possess

To become a lawyer, we know that there are certain legal requirements we need to possess. The most common and well-known is legal education. In order to practice the profession, one needs to take up a pre-law course followed by a legal degree. Law school would take about 4 years or more, depending on your

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