Financial Management Post-Lockdown: How Do You Deal with Money Wisely?

Despite the doom-and-gloom we’re faced with, certain opportunities present themselves. One of these is the chance to reevaluate and correct our mindset and behavior about money management. We need to have a battle plan for when the lockdowns get lifted so that this financial challenge doesn’t happen to us again. 7 Ways to Manage Your Finances

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How to Grow Your Legal Practice

Building a successful legal practice in a competitive environment is often a tall order. Having the right kind of help on speed dial lets tend to the needs of your clients without compromising service delivery. There’s a stark difference between a successful law firm and one that’s struggling to get clients through the door. In

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after a divorce

Who Should Move Out of the House During the Divorce Process?

The marital home is often the most contentious element of a divorce. It’s often the most valuable. The couple invested in it and made it into their home. Who gets it? More importantly, who should move out while the divorce proceeding isn’t finalized yet? Whether you live in another county or in Suffolk County, a divorce

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